Blox is a JavaScript based browser fan game. It was designed mainly as a customizable multiplayer practice client. Where you can learn and compete online.


Blox currently has 8 singleplayer modes:

  • 40 lines - Clear 40 lines as fast as possible.
  • Hyper - Score as many points as possible in 2 minutes.
  • PC mode - Perform as many Perfect Clears as you can in a row.
  • Four Wide - Keep a Four Wide combo going as long as possible,
  • Digger - Remove 10 lines of garbage as fast a possible
  • Survival - Survive an onslaught of garbage lines as long as possible.
  • The Almost Death - Try to survive as long as possible at the brink of death, with extreme Gravity and low Lock Delay.
  • T-Spin Rush - Complete as many T-Spins as possible in 2 minutes, but the board is 5 × 10.

All of the modes have their own respective leaderboards that you can compete on.


Blox also has free online multiplayer. It uses a lobby based system, that you can play and chat in. You can either play in the big main lobby, with up to 100 people, or play in smaller private lobbies with custom rulesets.

Opener Practice

Blox also has a opener practice client. For learning and refining your skill at openers. Currently there are 100+ openers you can practice some with over 10+ variations of their own. There is also an option for DPC practice. Where it will automatically show you the setup. Lastly there is a built in PC finder for learning PC openers.

External Links

You can play Blox on the Blox Website.

Practice openers with the Opener Practice Tool.

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