CTWC (Short for Classic Tetris World Championship) is the biggest Classic Tetris tournament in the world. So far, this event was already held 11 times. The first one was in 2010 which was held in Los Angeles, California. And the newest one is CTWC 2019 which is held in Portland, Oregon. Since the start of the tournament, there are three winners only, Jonas Neubauer, Harry Hong, and Joseph Saelee

List of CTWC Winners

Year Winner 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
2010 Jonas Neubauer Harry Hong Matt Buco Dana Wilcox
2011 Jonas Neubauer Alex Kerr Harry Hong Robin Mihara
2012 Jonas Neubauer Mike Winzinek Eli Markstrom Alex Kerr
2013 Jonas Neubauer Harry Hong Chad Muse Matt Buco
2014 Harry Hong Jonas Neubauer Terry Purcell Eli Markstrom
2015 Jonas Neubauer Quaid Alex Kerr Harry Hong
2016 Jonas Neubauer Jeff Moore Harry Hong Koryan
2017 Jonas Neubauer Alex Kerr Hauser (Quaid) Matt Buco
2018 Joseph Saelee Jonas Neubauer Green Tea Koryan
2019 Joseph Saelee Koryan Batfoy DanQZ
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