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First-Person Tetris is a non-commercial, free-to-play online flash game of the classic NES version. Its main attraction is the fact that instead of just the blocks rotating, the player's visual placement in front of the screen also moves with the block, making it significantly more difficult to track each block's position and adding a level of difficulty to the game.

Title Screen


Side view

Upside down

Arrow Keys
The arrow keys move the block, but relative to the player's field of view rather than relative to the playfield. For example, if the screen is right side up, movement directions are as expected, but if it is upside down, controls will be reversed.
Space Bar
This rotates the block (and the player's field of view along with it) clockwise. There is no option to rotate counterclockwise.
This pauses the game, allowing the player to adjust the game settings and view their score and current level.


The game has 3 different types of music options as well as a fourth option for no music.




The game features a normal mode, a night mode and an existential crisis mode. In the normal mode the player is placed in front of a realistic NES setup. Night mode turns everything except the blocks pitch black, making it more difficult to ascertain the borders of the playfield. The existential crisis mode greatly zooms the screen in on the active block, making it very difficult to view the playfield stack as pieces fall.

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