Gnometris is a tetromino game that comes with the Ubuntu as part of the gnome-games package.

  • Hardcoded playfield width: 14 columns. Ouch. This negates the slight I surplus that ordinarily makes back-to-back tetrising bearable; players need to skim a lot more. (TODO.txt lists configurable field width as a known missing feature.)
  • No wall kick
  • No hold piece
  • One preview
  • Ghost piece is present but disappears whenever it overlaps the falling piece.
  • Clockwise OR counterclockwise rotation, chosen before the game starts.
  • Sound effects do not interrupt each other; instead, they queue up. Even at 60 TPM, I could still easily play fast enough to get 15 seconds ahead of the sound effects.
  • DAS is based on operating system autorepeat. System > Preferences > Keyboard in Ubuntu lets the player set it faster than Windows or Mac Control Panel ever did, but as with anything else that uses OS autorepeat, the rotate key will discharge DAS.

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