Hatetris is the Tetris game that hates you. It will always throw the worst possible piece.

Its top out condition is a lock out, as any part of a piece at 21 or higher will cause a gameover. The replay passcode is usually a long series of chinese characters.

Tetriminoes spawn at 22 and 23, and the playfield is 24 rows high. The four extra rows are visible. Pressing space will revert to the original spawn location.

Unlike most games, this game has an undo function. This is useful if you make a mistake somewhere. There is no next piece or hold piece.


Gravity Edit

This game has 0G gravity. This means that tetriminoes will not drop unless you press the down key. Lock delay is affected as well, so if you want to drop it and set it, press down twice. This game has no hard drop.

Rotation system Edit

Like other fangames, this game has a unique rotation system. There are no wallkicks.

The tetriminoes appear to rotate on the intersection of gridlines.

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