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[[File:ExampleTetris.gif|thumb|Example of building a Tetris.]]
Build your field nice and evenly like this, at least 4 rows high.
Build your field nice and evenly like this, at least 4 rows high.

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Well, If you are coming to this guide, you are probably looking for a way to improve your Tetris skills so you can finally start competing. Well, clearing one or two lines at a time hasn't worked out for you, huh?

Here you will learn special techniques such as Tetris Builds, T-Spin Builds, Combos, and openings. These will certainly help you play better. I will also teach you techniques to play faster.

If you don't know how to play Tetris at all, here are the basics:

Clear lines by lining these Tetrominoes up in a straight line. When you do so, they will disappear.

Press the left button and right button to move the Tetromino, and A or B on a controller to rotate it clockwise and counter-clockwise, respectively.

You can press the down button to speed up the descent of the Tetromino, and up to instantly drop the tetromino on the ghost piece right below it. (This will always be gray and directly below.)

You can also use the left bumper to hold a piece for later. When you hit the left bumper again, the current piece will be held, and the piece in the queue will come out. You can't swap twice in one turn.

Check the controls page on Tetris Friends or Tetris Battle to see these controls on a keyboard.

The Tetris

The Tetris is the most basic attacks, and if you play fast, you can defeat people with only Tetrises. Let's learn how to build one.


Example of building a Tetris.

Build your field nice and evenly like this, at least 4 rows high.

Then wait for an I-Piece and put it into the column that is empty.

BAM! You just made a Tetris.

Play around in marathon mode, and tinker around with Tetris builds. You'll get the idea in no time.

In the next guide we will talk about T-Spins.

To learn more about the conflicts and the ways to build a Tetris, refer to this link. It should help you build your Tetris better.

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