Developer(s) Damian Yerrick (aka Tepples)
Publisher(s) N/A
Release Date(s) 2008
(latest version: 0.41 - released June 2009)
Platform(s) NES

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 1
Playfield dimensions 10x20
Hold piece No
Hard drop Sonic lock (TOD rotation)
Sonic drop (TGM rotation)
Rotation system TOD M4 (called "Center")
TGM Rotation with floor kick (called "Bottomm")
[[image:{{{title-scrn}}}|100px]] [[image:{{{ingame-scrn}}}|100px]]

LJ65 (formerly Tetramino) is a fan-created homebrew game developed by Damian Yerrick for the NES.

The game offers a single, endless Marathon mode with four different gravity settings (slow, medium, fast, 20G), two rotation systems (TOD rotation and TGM rotation), two songs, and the option to enable garbage.

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