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The Tetris Company

Tetris for iPod

Tetris Zone

Tetris Evolution

Tetris Online (Japan)

TGM Series

Official Videos

  • Tetris The Grand Master - Rank GM - Download 10:38
  • Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS - Master, Rank GM - Download YouTube 9:23
  • Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS - T.A. Death, Rank M - YouTube 5:17
  • Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS - T.A. Death, Rank GM - Download YouTube 5:58
  • Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct - Master SRS, Rank MasterM & Shirase SRS, Rank S13 - Download Google Video 13:56
  • Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct - Shirase ARS, Rank S13 - Download YouTube 6:23
  • Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct - Master ARS, Rank MasterM - Download YouTube 6:40
  • Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct - Master ARS, Rank GM - Download YouTube 6:29

Other videos

Tetris The Grand Master

Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS

Master Mode

Double Mode

Death Mode

Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct

Tetris The Grand Master Ace

Fan Games



NYET 3D - The Revenge of the Mutant Stones



Lockjaw: The Overdose


Tetromino art

Main article: Tetromino art

Secret Grades (sorted by member and published date):

Secret Grade Variations (sorted by member and published date):

Pattern Builds (sorted by member and published date):

  • Blitz - Chess (Nullpomino) 3:18
  • eRR0Rq - Hamtaro (Nullpomino) 5:03
  • Kevincentius - Big O (Tetris Friends) 2:00
  • Kevincentius - Bix X (Tetris Friends) 2:27
  • Kevincentius - LF2 (Tetris Friends) 13:15
  • Kevincentius - Snake (Tetris Friends) 0:31
  • Kevincentius - Flying (Tetris Friends) 1:10
  • nick666101 - ? Block (Nullpomino) 10:20
  • nick666101 - Bub (Nullpomino) 11:14
  • nick666101 - S pieces (Nullpomino) 5:05
  • nick666101 - Goomba (Nullpomino) 6:15
  • nick666101 - Eevee (Nullpomino) 9:01
  • Shuey - Spiral (Nullpomino) 7:51
  • Shuey - Robot (Tetris Friends) 6:03
  • Shuey - Luigi (Nullpomino) 4:40
  • Shuey - X and O (Tetris Friends) 1:53
  • Shuey - Arrow (Tetris Friends) 5:26
  • Shuey - Donut (Tetris Friends) 10:53
  • Shuey - House (Tetris Friends) 4:48
  • Shuey - Portal (Nullpomino) 2:06
  • Shuey - Links (Nullpomino) 1:38
  • Shuey - Chain (Nullpomino) 1:56
  • Shuey - 3D X (Nullpomino) 3:09
  • Shuey - Waves (Nullpomino) 1:34
  • Shuey - Snail (Nullpomino) 2:00
  • Shuey - Ripple (Nullpomino) 1:54
  • Shuey - Leaf (Nullpomino) 1:49
  • Shuey - Yoshi (Nullpomino) 2:44
  • Shuey - Guitar (Nullpomino) 3:08
  • Shuey - Maze (Nullpomino) 2:22
  • Shuey - Tower (Nullpomino) 3:05
  • TokusiN - Big X (Tetris DS) 5:05


  • The Tetrix (A parody of a shot from The Matrix, time bullet in the subway. Characters are totally "squared") The Tetrix 1:10
  • Uwe Boll's Tetris 0:52
  • Tetris is addictive 0:43
  • Mario Paint Tetris Theme 0:26
  • Tetris Theme played on a solid state musical tesla coil 1:58
  • Irate Gamer Show - a old school game reviewer fell under Tetris addiction 9:54
  • Latest Version of Tetris (with subtitles) 4:12 (Japanese comedy skit by comedian Tomonori Jinnai)
    1. Individual tetrominoes flash and disappear as soon as they land.
    2. Only 10-block I pieces fall. Each is naturally self-clearing.
    3. Three tetrominoes are active at any given time. Quick top-out. (Parodies 20G modes of TGM series?)
    4. 30w x 60h field, with smaller tetrominoes.
    5. Normal field. Player makes bravo in 5 pieces, but it doesn't clear out completely: an irregularly shaped sliver of size 4x1 remains at the lower right corner. An I tetromino with the complement to the sliver's shape is placed on top of it. Player builds a 4-row rectum normally, but the I tetromino that would complete 4 lines falls through the floor instead. Then the pieces in the playfield (including the irregular ones) float to the ceiling under reverse cascade gravity.
    6. Normal field. Player builds a 4-row rectum normally. A curved bean pod, slightly larger than a J tetromino, appears and drops. A Puyo Pop domino appears, each of its blocks the size of an O tetromino, and drops. A slightly too wide I tetromino appears, is moved and rotated into place, drops, and locks resting across the rectum.
    7. Field contains a mushroom the size of an O tetromino. A small Mario the size of an O tetromino appears, lands on the mushroom, becomes Super, and grows too big for the field. Mario dies.
    8. Icons representing rooms of a house fall into the field. Disproportionately many are toilet rooms. Once the field is full, "Monthly rent: 60,000 yen" (about 500 USD) appears.
  • Jin also did a skit about Puyo Pop (5:30), following much the same lines:
    1. Puyos destroy themselves automatically without being joined.
    2. Only red Puyos come.
    3. Far more than the standard three to five colors come out.
    4. After a few Puyos enter, a domino of two huge Puyos (each 6 cells wide and 5 high) falls in and crushes the setup.
    5. After a 4 chain, all Puyos are clear except two yellow Puyos. The remaining Puyos join to the walls of the playfield and clear them. An overblown bravo animation clears out the status bar.
    6. While the player is waiting for a green Puyo, a bunch of unrelated things come out: a domino of 2 King Niko-chan from the anime series Dr. Slump, a domino of 2 Fuji Television mascot Babo-chan, and a T tetromino from Tetris. The tetromino lands, and all pieces clear.
    7. Vs. CPU with garbage: The player makes a 2 chain of 4 combos, and it sends 6 garbage blocks to the CPU. The CPU makes a 2 chain of 4 combos, and it sends a full screen of 72 garbage blocks to the player.
    8. Vs. CPU with garbage: The player sends a layer of 6 garbage, but it ends up in the CPU's field as smaller 1-cell Babo-chan. The player makes a bravo and sends another layer of garbage, but the Babo-chan blocks bounce it over to the player's field.
    9. Vs. CPU with garbage: The CPU makes a modest chain (4, 4+4, 5), and the garbage ends up as foam boulders dumped on top of the player sitting on his couch.

Video Table (Work in Progress)

DateVideo NameUploaderTimeGameGame TypeCategoryTypeDescription
2008-03-30World's most awesome and fast and perfect tetris playerwolfsbro201:12Tetris (NES, Nintendo)ClassicGameplayB-Typezomg
2007-01-01Nintendo GameBoy CommercialFunny-TV-Commercials00:37Tetris (Game Boy)ClassicCommercialFunny
2006-01-16Tetris Commercialkingshit00:32Tetris (NES, Nintendo)ClassicCommercialFunny
2006-07-28Tetris Electronica 60 (from Tetris Worlds) kotetsu21301:14Tetris WorldsClassicGameplaySolo
2006-03-13Game Boy Tetris - 999,999 pointsSpectre255 32:32Tetris (Game Boy)ClassicGameplayA-Type
2006-03-13Tetris - B-Type / Level 9 Heart / High 5 clearTripleLei01:25Tetris (Game Boy)ClassicGameplayB-Type
2006-11-11NES Tetris - 999,999 t204809:10Tetris (NES, Nintendo)ClassicGameplayA-Type
2007-04-05Konami Code in Tengen's Tetяistepples00:43Tetris (NES, Tengen)ClassicGameplaySecret
2007-01-13Me playing Tetrisaznpikachu21506:38Tetris (Sega)ClassicGameplaySolo
2006-01-23Tetris S (SEGA Saturn)kikko01:52Tetris SClassicGameplaySolo
2007-03-03Tetris Plus for the Arcade (one credit)SeventhSun17:51Tetris PlusClassicGameplayPuzzle
2006-12-18Tetris PlusCitry103:18Tetris PlusClassicGameplaySolo
2007-03-12Sega Ages: Tetris New Century 40-line (59.1s, 58.4s)sqr445302:41Sega Ages 2500 Series
Vol.28 Tetris Collection
GuidelineGameplay40 Lines
2006-03-13Tetris DX - 40 Lines / Level 9 / High 5 clear (1:15)TripleLei01:21Tetris DXTTCGameplay40 Lines
2006-03-13Tetris DX - 40 Lines / Level 9 / High 5 clear (1:20)TripleLei01:26Tetris DXTTCGameplay40 Lines
2006-11-15The New Tetris / Tetris 64 Sprint High ScoreCapitalIron03:37The New TetrisTTCGameplaySprint
2006-09-21The New Tetris TAFREE (Versus)(ノッキュ)JohtoKen00:54The New TetrisTTCTASVersus(2)
2006-09-22The New Tetris TAFREE (Sprint)(ノッキュ)JohtoKen03:12The New TetrisTTCTASSprint
2006-12-06Leon House playing Tetris Worldsleonhouse08:04Tetris WorldsGuidelineGameplaySolo
2006-05-16Tetris Deluxe Speed Runcaffeine00:43Tetris DeluxeGuidelineGameplay40 Lines
2006-04-04Tetris Elements Speed Runcaffeine00:44Tetris ElementsGuidelineGameplay40 Lines
2006-04-04Tetris DS Back to Back T-Spin Triplescaffeinatedtetris00:42Tetris DSGuidelineDemoT-Spin
2006-10-20Tetris DS marathon speed runcaffeinatedtetris05:47Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayMarathon
2007-01-28TDS Multiplayer - caffeine vs. TGM-ARIKADigitalDevil24800:55Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)
2007-02-14TDS Multiplayer: DIGITAL vs. Triple LeiDigitalDevil24809:25Tetris DSGuidelineTournamentVersus(2)
2007-03-01Tetris DShitokag01:23Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)hitokage vs. CPU5
2006-08-17Tetris DS wifipushhitokag00:28Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayPush(2)
2007-03-05Tetris DS CHARLY/MEX reverse b2b T-spin triplesjujube400000:32Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayFunnyPlayed by CHARLY/MEX
2007-03-09Tetris DS jujube vs. DIGITAL TCjujube400002:06Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)
2007-02-28Tetris DS jujube vs Rosti LFC w/ Ozma's Korobeinikijujube400002:36Tetris DSGuidelineTournamentVersus(2)
2007-06-19Tetris DS jujube vs. G-Fish june 17, 07jujube400009:33Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)
2007-06-19Tetris DS Bowser-beater 4000jujube400008:26Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)
2007-05-19friend 4p match without itemssnowmazinger01:52Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(4)Part 1: MAZINGER Z, NOAH, as7, THC
2007-05-17t spin combosnowmazinger00:33Tetris DSGuidelineDemoT-Spin
2007-05-094p game without itemssnowmazinger04:32Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(4)Part 2: MAZINGER Z, NOAH, as7, THC
2007-05-19friend 4p game without item p3snowmazinger02:31Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(4)MAZINGER Z, as7, B-hiro, Tsubo
2007-05-194p game without item p4snowmazinger02:04Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(4)MAZINGER Z, Tsubo, THC, B-hiro
2007-05-194p game without items last roundssnowmazinger00:57Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(4)MAZINGER Z, THC, as7, unknown
2006-05-08テトリスDSで対戦miharasan00:35Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)Jin8, Mihara
2006-08-15Multiplayer Top Player TGM-HOLiCRosti LFC00:42Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(4)Jin8/HOLiC is the left player
2007-02-128000 rated players in a 2ch tournament part 1siki776402:59Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)tsubo, Samaf
2007-03-108000 rated players in a 2ch tournament part 2siki776400:34Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)Samaf, as7
2007-05-05SINY vs TDS HackerSINYsan01:45Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)
2006-06-21Crazy T-spin triple/Tetris artsyuukou00:14Tetris DSGuidelineDemoSuper Twist
2006-11-11I-SpinTokusiN01:19Tetris DSGuidelineDemoSuper Twist
2006-10-15Line Clear Mode (Level 20 Height 3)(529,000 Score)TokusiN04:15Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayLine Clear
2006-11-04Line Clear Mode (Level 20 Height 5)TokusiN01:10Tetris DSGuidelineGamplayLine Clear
2007-03-10Triple Lei vs. jujubeTripleLei24:08Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)
2007-02-03Prophecy T-Spin SetupsTripleLei04:51Tetris DSGuidelineDemoT-Spins
2006-11-25Push Mode (I'm really bad at it)TripleLei14:48Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayPushTriple Lei, unknown
2007-01-12T-Spin SetupsTripleLei05:59Tetris DSGuidelineDemoT-Spins
2006-12-15Totally Stolen Strats, Vol. 1TripleLei27:52Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)Various opponents
2006-12-29Totally Stolen Strats, Vol. 2TripleLei32:15Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)Triple Lei vs TKI
2007-06-11Totally Stolen Strats, Vol. 3TripleLei34:56Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayVersus(2)Truple Lei vs snark
2007-03-0220x9 stack in 18.61s with SZ starttyatyatyatyatya00:28Tetris DSGuidelineGameplaySpeedrun
2006-12-09ST stacking in Tetris DSzemus3301:15Tetris DSGuidelineDemoT-Spins
2006-11-25Tetris DS Tspin Triple Setupzemus3301:34Tetris DSGuidelineDemoT-Spins
2007-06-29TKI setup with TST kickerzemus3302:38Tetris DSGuidelineDemoT-Spins
2006-05-16Touch Tower Mode (11 Line Chain)Webby197900:10Tetris DSGuidelineGameplayTouch ModePlayer is X-Perts
DateVideo NameUploaderTimeGameGame TypeCategoryTypeDescription

Workspace Split

DateVideo NameUploaderTimeGameGame TypeCategoryTypeDescription
2007-03-04Cultris!gigoloz00:54CultrisFan GameGameplayVersus(4)
2007-07-26Cultris - Singlegigoloz01:59CultrisFan GameGameplaySolo
2006-02-10Heboris DEVIL 76,750horaguchi03:31HeborisFan GameGameplayDevil
2006-11-11Heboris - Devil - lvl485 - 4'41"55Burbruee05:52Heboris UEFan GameGameplayDevil
2007-11-26Heboris U.E. DOOM Ti-World Level 862jujube400005:45Heboris UEFan GameGameplayDOOM
2007-11-17Heboris - 20G G4 999 MV (Ti-World)DigitalDevil24807:38Heboris UEFan GameGameplay20G #G4
2006-12-09NYET 3D The Revenge of the Mutant Stones level: diamondshercion01:13NYET 3DFan GameGameplayDiamond Rush
2006-12-10NYET 3D The Revenge of the Mutant Stones level: up and downhercion01:28NYET 3DFan GameGameplayUp and Down
2006-12-10NYET 3D The Revenge of the Mutant Stones level: snakeshercion01:25NYET 3DFan GameGameplayEvil Snakes
2006-12-10NYET 3D The Revenge of the Mutant Stones level: confusionhercion01:14NYET 3DFan GameGameplayConfusion
2006-12-09NYET 3D The Revenge of the Mutant Stones level: elevatorhercion00:22NYET 3DFan GameGameplayThe Elevator
2007-01-24How to do a "BIG Golden Square"ShrapnelCity02:39GravytrisFan GameDemoSolo
2007-01-212.5 dimensional tetrishercion00:18GravytrisFan GameDemoSolo
2007-01-08Gravity Gun for Tetris www.gravytris.dehercion00:55GravytrisFan GameDemoSolo
2006-12-22poor tetris pieces pushed around...hercion00:50GravytrisFan GameDemoSolo
2006-12-17FUSE tetrishercion00:54GravytrisFan GameDemoFUSE
2007-01-13Lockjaw Three Minute Speed Run -- Tetris Replicacaffeinatedtetris03:05LockjawFan GameGameplayUltra
2006-06-28lockjaw4183caffeinatedtetris00:43LockjawFan GameGameplaySprint
2006-08-03LJ Tetris - 40 Lines in 44 secondsjono10300:54LockjawFan GameGameplaySprint
2007-01-26Lockjaw: 40 Lines in 37 secondsjono10300:44LockjawFan GameGameplaySprint
2007-05-27Lockjaw: 40 Lines in 33 secondsjono10300:39LockjawFan GameGameplaySprint
2006-11-27Lockjaw - 3:00 Minutes: 41 Tetrisesjono10303:09LockjawFan GameGameplayUltra
2007-06-02Lockjaw 40 lines in 48 secondsjujube400000:56LockjawFan GameGameplaySprint
2007-03-06Lockjaw Tool-Assist - 40 lines in 8 secondskotetsu21300:10LockjawFan GameTASSprint
2007-03-13Rosti LFC - 40 Lines @ 112.19ppmRostiLFC01:10LockjawFan GameGameplaySprint
2007-03-17Rosti LFC - Lockjaw 40 Lines 2RostiLFC03:31LockjawFan GameGameplaySprint
2008-01-13Lockjaw 40 Lines with dance padtepples04:59LockjawFan GameDemoSprint
2006-11-23Lockjaw: The Overdose 53900 pts in 3:00tepples03:16TODFan GameGameplayUltra
2006-11-22Lockjaw: The Overdose 16300 pts in 0:46tepples01:02TODFan GameGameplay15000 pts
2006-08-19Quadraadantart03:56QuadraFan GameDemoVersus(x)
DateVideo NameUploaderTimeGameGame TypeCategoryTypeDescription
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