Tetris Wiki

This game uses it's own rotation system, which is a mixture betwen Atari and SRS. It has different initial piece orientations. all pieces other than T and square start vertical (!). Ls and Js start upside down.

It uses a total lock time system, where you are given a certain number of frames of lock delay for each tetromino.

All pieces rotate as in SRS, except for the I, which is left handed sega rotation system; and the L and J, which rotate like Tetris DX's alternate center.

There are some wallkicks as well, but they don't seem to match SRS.

Apparently the ghost piece system was licensed from Arika.

This game also has minoes that are a 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5 grid of squares in a multiplayer game. This game also uses pentiminoes. This game has several unused pieces as well.