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NullpoMino League Edition is a Java based downloadable Tetris client with both multiplayer and singleplayer. It's a modification of NullpoMino with the purpose of being easier to use and offering advanced statistics. However, some of NullpoMino's customizability and modes went missing. NullpoMino League Edition never got out of beta stage.


Since the rule selection was removed, NullpoMino League Edition is a purely guideline Tetris game: Hold feature, 6 Previews, Lock delay, Wall kicks, Bag Randomizer. In multiplayer, the garbage hole switches after every attack (change per attack). T-Spin Minis don't send any lines but enable Back-to-Back bonus. Combos are capped at sending 2 lines per cleared line.


There's only one singleplayer mode:

  • Line Race: clear 40 lines as fast as possible

All other modes got removed. They can be restored by editing /config/list/mode.lst.


Room customization got removed. Players can only create 2 player rooms. League Edition introduced 3 ranks: bronze, silver and gold. Ranked matches are best of 9 (first to win 5 games), whereas matches between players of different ranks are avoided. This concept failed because of lack of players. League Edition automatically keeps track of match results in tournaments via challonge.com brackets. This feature isn't very helpful for organizing tournaments though.


NullpoMino League Edition creates a report file at the end of each Line Race game. This report file in HTML format contains a Fumen diagram (if Fumen recording is activated) as well as detailed informations about speed, finesse and manipulations.

The second way of displaying statistics involves creating an account over at celer.be, then entering the account's information in League Edition (main menu -> user). In this case, the game keeps track of the players latest sprints and multiplayer ranking.


  • Just like NullpoMino, it requires Java Runtime Environment so that you can run and play the modification of NullpoMino. It was important to play it with keyboard.

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