A piece in Tetris and similar games is a geometric shape consisting of a set of blocks that is moved as a unit. A block (or mino) is the part of a piece that fills one unit of the playfield. In some games, all blocks that make up a piece are colored the same; in others, especially falling piece games other than Tetris and its clones, they are colored differently.


A polyomino is a piece made of two or more square blocks, where all blocks are connected through full coincident edges (as if squares on graph paper).

  • A free polyomino is one that may be translated (moved about), rotated, or reflected.
  • A one-sided polyomino is one that may be translated or rotated.
  • A fixed polyomino can only be translated.

Polyominoes come in several sizes:

Polyominoes are often named by a Latin letter that resembles the shape of the polyomino. For instance, an "I" has all its blocks in a straight line, and a "T" consists of an "I" tromino with one or more blocks in a straight line connected to one side of the center of the "I". However, they have many other names as well.

Tetris Heaven occasionally drops a single large polyomino that is the exact size and shape for the playfield. However, be careful not to accidentally move or rotate it, or else.

Hinged polyominoes

Hinged tetrominoes
in Tetris 2

A hinged polyomino or polyplet[1] is similar to a polyomino but also allows connections at a point. In games that use hinged polyominoes, a piece may break apart at the diagonal connections when it lands, and the fragments may or may not be controllable afterward.

  • 4 blocks: Hinged tetromino (featured in Tetris 2).

Other polyforms

Hextris and Bikaka are variants of Tetris that use 4-cell polyhexes, or pieces created from regular hexagons.[2] Bubble Bath Babes uses polyhexes that may be reflected around the X or Y axis but not rotated.


In Puyo Puyo Tetris, it is possible to get a Piece consisting only of a single gold block. This monomino (also known as a mino) appears in Party and Fusion Modes. In Party, obtaining a certain item while playing Tetris will cause the next piece to turn into a monomino. In Fusion, a monomino can appear as part of certain dropsets. In Tetris Party, In beginner's tetris modes, Monominos are dropped, they are magenta colored.

L & I variants

In Tetris Party's beginner's tetris modes, there are multiple "small pieces"

  • L3 pieces are L pieces, but without the extra piece on the end, they are colored cobalt blue.
  • I3 pieces are Trominos that are 3 blocks long, they are colored grayish-green

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