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PlayTV Legends Family Tetris is a direct-to-TV unit developed by HiScore Entertainment Software Engineering, designed by Blue Planet Software, Inc., and distributed by Radica Games in the fall of 2006. The game shipped with two gamepad-style controllers with four "AA" batteries, and connected directly to a standard television via the television's audio/video composite inputs.

Game Features

  • Multiplayer game modes - Play solo or with a friend via the second controller, game includes both co-op and competitive game variants.
  • Tetris game modes - The game includes Race (40 lines), Marathon (game ends after playing 15 levels), Dig (garbage blocks), and Versus (with garbage blocks) game modes, as well as Family mode which enables people of all ages and skill levels to play together cooperatively. Family mode is an overall timed game played throughout 15 levels.
  • Skill levels - The game allows players to choose how many blocks make up a piece (from 1 to 4). Thus, young players can play using simple 1-block piece, while those more experienced can stick to classic 4-block tetrominoes.
  • Graphic themes - The game includes three distinctive colorful backgrounds: Reef, Western, and Space, each including numerous incidental and reward character animations.


PlayTV Legends Family Tetris Gamepad Controllers PlayTV Legends Family Tetris Title Screen

PlayTV Legends Family Tetris Reef Theme PlayTV Legends Family Tetris Western Theme PlayTV Legends Family Tetris Space Theme

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