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Puyo Puyo Tetris is a crossover of Tetris and Puyo Puyo, a mainstream Japanese puzzle game which provided the engine for Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche, published by Sega. It has been released for the 3DS, Wii U, Switch, Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.


Puyo Puyo Tetris features a story mode and five main game modes.


In Versus mode, it is possible to make a match between Puyo Puyo versus Tetris (as in the Title of the game itself) not to mention Puyo VS Puyo, and Tetris VS Tetris. The Tetris side does not work differently from modern multiplayer Tetris games.


In Swap mode, you have two play fields: one 6x12 field where Puyo fall, and one 10x20 field where Minos fall. Every 45 seconds (as shown on the timer) you must toggle between Puyo Puyo and Tetris. Employing the swapping mechanism, one can, for example, clear a long chain while in wait for an I to fall and score a tetris and land a devastating attack.

Big Bang[]

You can play as Puyo or Tetris in this mode. If you play as Puyo, the rules are according to Endless Fever mode; premade chains fall from the top of the field, and you must either set it off, or extend it slightly for a better score. However, when playing as Tetris, you enter Lucky Attack mode, where you must clear pre-made patterns often by employing SRS Triples. After a set period of time, the timer stops, and compares the points the player has made. The one who made fewer points receives damage from the other, shrinking the health bar. The last one standing wins.


Items like the Slot Mode in 20th Anniversary and Tetris Party fall from the top of the field, and you can gain those by clearing lines through them or popping Puyo next to it like getting rid of Nuisance/Garbage Puyo. This is the only game mode where a top-out does not result in a loss (cf. Tetris Friends). The winner is the One who Scores the Most Points.


Definitely the most chaotic and hardest-to-learn game mode of the whole game, Fusion mode takes place in a playfield of 8x16. Both Puyo and Minos fall in the field. Minos sink to the bottom while Puyo loop through and fall from the top after they are squashed. To send more damage to the opponent, the player must combine a Puyo chain with Tetris line clears.


Most Japanese fans were excited by the announcement of the crossover, while some cautious ones thought that it would break no new ground, and instead even harm the series by butchering out traditional characters to make room for new "Tetris characters".

This game is the first ever Puyo game to have DLC, which includes extra voice packs, new story mode chapters, music, messages for communicating to others online, and backgrounds for matches. The Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC versions of the game come with all of the DLC already included.

Some overseas fans have wished this game to be ported worldwide, but others disagree that the Puyo series is not known enough abroad to make the crossover work without any misconceptions. However, on January 12th, 2017, Sega announced that Puyo Puyo Tetris would finally be localized and released for the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2017. In February 2018, it was released on Steam for PC users, featuring dual audio for the first time.



The game rewards you for being smart, strategic and knowing chain reactions.


There are certain cosmetics that help you with looking good while popping puyos and clearing lines


  • Ringo
  • Risukuma
  • Schezo
  • O
  • Tee
  • Maguro Sasaki
  • Amitie
  • Feli
  • Ai
  • Ess
  • Klug
  • Sig
  • Draco Centauros
  • Zed
  • Jay & Elle
  • Arle/Carbuncle
  • Suketoudara
  • Dark Prince (Satan)
  • Rulue
  • Raffina
  • Witch
  • Ecolo
  • Ex
  • Lemres