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スキル (Skill or Su-ki-ru) is a gameplay feature in Tetris Battle Gaiden.

In this Tetris title, there are a total of 40 different skills.

Skill Levels

Each character has access to 4 different skills which can be used when a certain number of crystals are collected after clearing lines. Their potential varies or suits a character's playstyle.

  • Level 1s cost 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 crystals.
  • Level 2s cost 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 crystals.
  • Level 3s cost 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 crystals.
  • Level 4s cost 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 crystals.

*The cost values above reflect the settings in the Options menu.

Skills Overview I (Playable Characters)


H1 is フライ - Fry, H2 is ダーク - Dark, H3 is バンパイア - Vampire and H4 is ボム - Bomb.

  • H1 completely fills the user's bottom 3 lines. After placing their next piece, the skill clears the user's bottom 3 lines and sends 3 garbage lines to the opponent. Crystal blocks are erased and stone blocks are preserved. A2 and W3 are immune to this skill.
    • H2 obscures the opponent's playfield except for a 45° cone of light below the falling piece. Lasts until the opponent places 3 pieces.
  • H3 steals every crystal the opponent has in stock and allows the user to keep all crystals stolen.
  • H4 destroys random blocks of any type in the opponent's stack.


Mirurun (TBG).png

M1 is ミルルン - Mirurun, M2 is ハンテン - Inversion, M3 is ペンタリス - Pentaris and M4 is スリトテ - sirteT.

  • M1 removes the user's bottom 4 lines from their stack.
  • M2 turns the opponent's control functions upside-down until they place 3 pieces.
  • M3 adds 5 lines to the bottom of the opponent's stack.
  • M4 switches the positions of normal blocks and gaps in the opponent's stack.


Shaman (TBG).png

S1 is モーゼ - Moses, S2 is カイテン - Rotation, S3 is ノロイ - Curse and S4 is イノリ - Prayer.

  • S1 splits the user's stack in two, creating a 4-column gap. Some blocks of any type will be lost.
  • S2 increases the rotation rate of the opponent's next 3 pieces and rotates them continuosly while fast-dropping.
  • S3 adds a total of 5 stone lines to the bottom of the opponent's stack after they place their next 5 pieces. The user can send more stone lines as garbage. The A1 skill can counter this one.
  • S4 uses any other character's level 4 skill randomly. It may backfire on the user.


Aladdin (TBG).png

A1 is シーソー - See-saw, A2 is シールド - Shield, A3 is ファックス - Fax and A4 is リモコン - Remote.

  • A1 sends the contents of the user's bottom 2 lines to the opponent's stack, adding to its bottom. Any type of blocks can be sent.
  • A2 grants immunity to garbage lines until the user places 7 pieces. It is also immune to H1 and G1.
  • A3 makes a copy of the user's stack and sends it to the opponent.
  • A4 allows the user to freely control the opponent's next 2 pieces while still controlling their own.


Princess (TBG).png

P1 is ソル - Sol, P2 is ミラー - Mirror, P3 is マヒ - Paralysis and P4 is コピー - Copy.

  • P1 allows the user to remove the contents of 3 adjacent columns of their stack. Has a 3-second timer.
  • P2 backfires the opponent's next skill. It lasts until your next 10 pieces are placed.
  • P3 disables rotations for the opponent's next 3 pieces.
  • P4 makes a copy of the opponent's stack and sends it to the user.


Bits (TBG).png

B1 is スターダスト - Stardust, B2 isフ ィーバー - Fever, B3 is ギャング - Gang and B4 is マンボ - Mambo.

  • B1 works randomly, removing 0 to 9 lines from the top of the user's stack.
  • B2 stores the user's last falling piece and repeats it, lasting a combined total of 10 pieces from both playfields.
  • B3 steals every crystal block in the opponent's stack and leaves gaps in it. The user may receive crystals.
  • B4 randomly creates high columns and separate gaps in the opponent's stack.


Ninja (TBG).png

N1 is ヨセ - Gather, N2 is マヤカシ - Deception, N3 is ダイナシ - Web and N4 is メデューサ - Medusa.

  • N1 pushes all blocks in the user's stack to a corner.
  • N2 randomizes the opponent's next 4 falling pieces.
  • N3 makes any cleared lines by the opponent disable gravity for the lines above until they place their next 6 pieces.
  • N4 turns every normal block in the opponent's stack into stone.


Wolfman (TBG).png

W1 is カット - Cut, W2 is ヌー - Nu , W3 is ナカヨシ - Buddies and W4 is ドトン - Earth Style.

  • W1 removes the user's top 4 lines from their stack.
  • W2 disables fast-dropping for the opponent's next 3 pieces.
  • W3 depletes the user's stack by the number of garbage lines received until the opponent places their next 7 pieces.
  • W4 allows the user's next 4 pieces to cascade the entire stack every time a line is cleared.

Skills Overview II (Bosses)


Dragon (TBG).png

D1 is プレス - Press, D2 is セレクト - Select, D3 is ルーレット - Roulette, D4 is チェンジ - Change.

  • D1 piles up the blocks in the user's stack and removes its bottom 3 lines.
  • D2 allows the user to freely select their next 4 falling pieces. Use the L and R buttons.
  • D3 randomizes the opponent's controls for their next 3 pieces.
  • D4 simply swaps the contents of both stacks.

Grand Princess

Grand Princess(TBG).png

G1 is ハイパーフライ - Hyper-fry, G2 is リバース - Reverse, G3 is ダブルス - Doubles and G4 is クリアー - Clear.

  • G1 completely fills the user's bottom 4 lines. After placing the next piece, the skill clears your bottom 4 lines and sends 4 garbage lines to the opponent. Crystal blocks are collected and stone blocks are erased. A2 and W3 are immune to this one.
  • G2 reverses movement and rotation controls. Lasts until the opponent places 4 pieces.
  • G3 doubles the amount of garbage lines sent by the user's next 8 pieces. It is useless against A2 and W3.
  • G4 stops the user from being defeated by removing their entire stack.

It is much easier for players to distinguish a skill by the character/user's first letter + its level.


  • Many skills in Battle Gaiden reference cultural or worldly elements such as The Grim Reaper, vintage vampire movies, cabaret dancers, dial-up sounds, a printer/fax, gangsters, a laser designator reticle with its countdown timer and beam, the opening of the Red Sea, police sirens, a Cha Cha Cha maraca instrumentalist wearing a sombrero and poncho, vikings, a Djinn using a remote controller similar to an Atari 2600 controller, Medusa and Shinto priests.