Super Tetris 3

This game uses SRS, but without wallkicks, as well as non standard piece colors. Randomizer is apparently memoryless, or close to it.

The game does have lock delay, and uses step reset, and has smooth fall and rotate animation, just like The New Tetris (with all of it's problems with overhangs)

The DAS is faster than previous Nintendo releases, with the first repeat occurring 9 frames after the piece moves, with 2 frames for each additional repeat. There is a four frame delay before a piece moves left or right, however, with a fifth frame used for animation.

It has the following modes.

Standard tetris. This is either Endless (the standard tetris we know and love) or Standard. Standard has 25 lines to clear to advance to the next level, and clears the screen for each level. It also gives you three lives, allowing two topouts without ending the game. Standard plays like the original BPS Famicom version of tetris did.

Magicaliss. Pieces have a color, reg, green, or blue, which can be changed by rotating 4 times in the same direction. Clearing a line that is one solid color erases all blocks that match the color. There are also wild blocks, which count as all colors, but are not removed by a single color clear, and smaller, grey blocks, which are never removed in a line clear. The only way to remove a grey block is to do a single color line clear with no grey blocks in it, which converts all grey blocks to the color. (it may be possible to make an entire line of grey blocks, but i've been unable to do it.) The game features cascade gravity after a single color line clear. Again, endless and standard are available

Sparkliss. This plays very similarly to Bombliss, except that the "bombs" explode bomberman style, only erasing in their column and row. This, naturally, makes the playfield harder to clear than in the original Bombliss.Any square surrounded with explosions also vanish. This has contest mode, and a puzzle mode, where you have a fixed sequence of limited pieces ot clear the startign pattern.

Famliss. This allows 4 simultaneous players, and in fact requires it. If you try to only start one player, it will tell you to go get your family, and refuse to start. (!) People can play independent games, or versus games, i believe.

This game is also notable for it's remix of the original BPS tune from the old Famicom tetris, Technotris.

(Note: Total black lines in magicliss will remove all black titles, A Wildcard mino (Conjectural name) will COLLAPSE all minos (Like if they weren't attached to anything) and turn any black minos in to wildcard minos).

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