Vital statistics
Type Tetromino
Reflection T
Rotations 4
Maximum lines cleared 3 (2 in older games)

A T-Block is a tetromino shaped like the letter "T". It is a highly adaptable tetromino, which can be used to even out a variety of stack shapes. In many Tetris games, it is the only piece with which doing a twist will earn the player bonus points for doing so. Although in most games it can only clear up to two lines at once, all games that use SRS can allow a T-Block to rotate and wall kick in very unusual ways, enabling the player to create the T-Spin triple(s)/Back to Back T-Spin Triple(s).

It is also the Tetris logo. However, the Tetris logo is not split into 4 minoes.

In Puyo Puyo Tetris, the character Tee is based off of the T-Block shape. It has references to t-spins.