Tetris Wiki

This page documents the correspondence of Tetris-related jargon in English and Japanese.

English Japanese
Tetris テトリス (Tetorisu)
ARE / Entry delay / Spawn delay 出現時間/待機時間/あれ (ARE)
Delayed Auto Shift (DAS) 横溜め移動
DAS Delay 横溜め時間
Lock delay 接着時間/固定時間
Line clear delay 消去時間
Spinmoves / Twist 回転入れ
Zangi-moves ザンギ入れ
Piece preview / Next pieces ネクストブロック (nekusuto burokku) / NEXT
Entry / Spawn 出現

Machine translation (MT) systems such as Yahoo's Babel Fish tend to mistranslate テトリス (Tetris) as "Tet lith". In Japanese, テト (Teto) can refer to Tết, the Vietnamese lunar new year holiday, on which the Tet Offensive of the Vietnam War was fought in 1968. This usage is very rare in Japanese, but popular MT software still has "Tet" in its dictionary and not "Tetris". "Liss" and "Lith" often appear in names of games originating from Japan, such as: Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss, Super Tetris 3 (including Magicaliss and Sparkliss), and the fan game Emlith.