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Tetris is a video, computer, and even board game, which Alexey Pajitnov invented, designed and programmed. It was created on June 6, 1984. He has mentioned that the classic Roman pentomino puzzle has helped inspired the game. The original Tetris game was published in 1985 for various systems.

Tetrominoes fall from above one at a time. In Tetris, a player positions falling Tetrominoes so that they fill up an entire Line. The player must sort them such that he or she forms continuous horizontal line clears, which will then clear, and the above tetrominoes will fall. Frequently, clearing multiple lines simultaneously will benefit the player. For example, clearing four such lines yield a tetris. As the game progresses, the tetrominoes fall faster, making things more difficult.

The goal is to get a very high Score. The player add to their score by positioning blocks faster with Hard Drops and Soft Drops, clearing lines, especially many lines at once, clearing the entire screen, and doing maneuvers requiring great timing. He can rotate and move tetrominoes, but he cannot convert one tetromino to another. The game ends when the tetrominoes reach the top of the screen (top out)

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