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Tetris (テトリス Tetorisu) is a variant of Alexey Pajitnov's tile-matching game of the same name that was made for the Famicom. It was developed and published by Bullet Proof Software (BPS), who had licensed the rights to publish a Famicom version[2] from Atari Games (Tengen). The discovery that Elorg had not given any console rights to Tetris to anyone led to Nintendo purchasing the console rights and sub-licensing the Japanese rights to BPS. A second version containing the updated licensing information was released on December 11, 1989.[3]

This version is infamous for its unusual control scheme, which mapped "down" to rotate, "A" to hard drop, and no way to soft drop.

The game was made available on AtGames' Legends Flashback console, which was released in October 2018. AtGames licensed the title from The Tetris Company.


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