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Tetris, for Game Boy, is among the most played of its namesake. Nintendo, through the help of Henk Rogers, purchased the license from Elorg to package it with every new Game Boy system. (An exception was Japan, where the system did not come bundled with any games.) Because of this, many players of the Game Boy generation remain familiar with this title, as it probably sold more than any other Tetris title so far. Having Tetris packaged with the Game Boy was most likely the cause of the Game's success.

This was the first widely distributed Tetris game to feature 2-player battles using the link cable.


Game Boy runs at 59.73 frames per second.

  • Soft drop: 1/3G
  • ARE: 2 frames (tetromino is invisible for first frame after it spawns)
  • ARE+line clear: 93 frames
  • DAS: 23 frames for the first repeat, 9 frames for each additional repeat

Speed levels:

Level Frames per row
0 53
1 49
2 45
3 41
4 37
5 33
6 28
7 22
8 17
9 11
10 10
11 9
12 8
13 7
14 6
15 6
16 5
17 5
18 4
19 4
20 3

This table is located at 1B06h in the ROM; each entry is one less than the actual number of frames. For example, level 1, or 49 = 31h frames, is stored as 30h.

In Marathon (called A-TYPE), when the player line clear (startLevel × 10 + 10), the level advances by 1. After this, the level advances by 1 for every 10 lines. The maximum level is 20.

The "heart levels" (activated by holding Down+Start at the title screen) are as fast as the level plus 10, but unlike on the NES version, they don't improve the score.

Pieces do not move left or right on the frame either button is pressed, instead it moves two frames after. The exception to this if the direction is pressed, released, and pressed again within a three frame window, but a human cannot achieve this consistently.

The maximum Score is 999999.

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