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Tetris Battle Drop is a Flash based browser Tetris game developed by Tetris Online, Inc. which can be played on Facebook. The game includes mouse controls, making it the only Tetris game on Facebook to feature mouse controls. It is based on another game on Facebook, Tetris Battle. There are 1100 ranks in this game.


Line Clear  Sent 
 Single 0
 Double 1
 Triple 2
 Tetris 4
 T-Spin Mini 1
 T-Spin Single 2
 T-Spin Double  4
 T-Spin Triple 6
 B2B Tetris 6
 B2B T-Mini 2
 B2B T-Single 3
 B2B T-Double 6
 B2B T-Triple 9
 Perfect Clear 10
 Combo   Sent 
11 1
12 1
13 2
14 2
15 3
16 3
17 4
18 4
19 4
10 4
11 4
12 4
13 4
14 or more 4

This game requires the use of the mouse. The player has 2 minutes to knock out the opponent once. To send garbage lines, the player must clear at least 2 lines. Garbage lines will have bombs, which can be turned off in the pause menu. To win, the player must knock their opponent out.


  • Left Mouse Button: Drop the falling piece. (called "Hard Drop" in game)
  • Right Mouse Button: Hold the current piece. The player can also click the Hold Queue to hold the piece.
  • Slide Mouse Left or Right: Move the piece left or right.
  • The player cannot freely choose the orientation of pieces, and Soft Drop is unavailable to the player.


Tetris Battle Drop has 1100 ranks (110 ranks in the original Tetris Battle multiplied by 10). You must win a game to rank up. You rank down when you lose. If you can win in less than 40 seconds, you will advance 10 ranks. If you win in less than 60 seconds, you will advance 5 ranks. If you win in less than 90 seconds, you will advance 2 ranks. If you win in 90 seconds or more, you will advance by 1 rank.


The opponents are pre-recorded gameplay from Tetris Battle. They have access to Soft Drop, greater rotation options, and Power Up items of that game. This handicap is not very noticeable since 1 KO triggers an instant win.


  • Players are difficult to play with mouse so that they can stack tetriminoes.

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