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Tetris Blitz is a game from Electronic Arts. It was shutdown along with Tetris EA Mobile for a unknown reason, Most likely EA's license expired.  


Tetris Blitz is a game from EA. It was named "Blitz" because it has a countdown,. After the time runs out, "Last Hurrah" will occur and all minos will collapse for making final line clears. Players have two minutes to score points by stacking tetriminos and clearing lines. These tetriminos are placed by a single touch or by swiping. Players score points depending on how many lines are cleared using one piece, similar to other Tetris games. They can also use up to three powe-rups to score more points by clearing more lines or cascading. In addition, there is a score multiplier that increases by completing Tetris (4) or Tetris+ (5 or more) line clears as well as clearing eight lines in one cascade. Finishers can also be used to gain a massive score boost at the end of the game.  

In both sides of the matrix contains a Frenzy meter, which rises for every line cleared consecutively. If it fills to a top, it triggers a Frenzy bonus, where every line clear is worth double points and five rows of minos with random gaps emerge from the bottom, creating more opportunities for cascading.

The game also features a Battle mode where players can battle each other for more coins and badges (Unlocked at level 6) and Tournaments where players can achieve the highest score in certain categories to win a large amount of coins (Unlocked at level 11). Daily Challenges are also offered every day for the players to receive coins by completing several challenges (Unlocked at level 3).

There are many types of currencies offered in the game. Coins are used to purchase powerups and can be earned in many ways like completing a round or winning coins in the Gold Rush, which is earned as you level up. Tickets are used in the Bonus Blitz where players can receive various power-ups or coins. It can be earned by leveling up, paying cash, or waiting four hours for a free ticket. Badges are used to level up to different tiers in Battle mode, which can lead to rewards in coins or powerups. They are earned by winning against an opponent or lost by losing against an opponent. Energy is used to play in Battle mode and Tournaments and can be regenerated. Shards are used to upgrade certain powerups in ways such as giving an extra score bonus and adding time and can be earned through normal gameplay.

But sadly, EA Gonna shut down Tetris Blitz In April 21, 2020. The two apps Tetris EA and Tetris Blitz will gonna shut down, Rest in peace, EA Tetris...


Let's Play Tetris Blitz on iPad 4


  • Magnet: Draws all pieces to the left of the playing area.
  • Quake: Shakes apart stuck tetriminos.
  • Lasers: At least 3 laser beams clear random lines. This power-up can yield an All Clear.
  • Time Shift: Adds 5 seconds to the timer.
  • Avalanche: Releases three minos at the top of each column.
  • Multiplier: Increases the multiplier by one.
  • Meteor Storm: Powerful minos fall eliminating any gaps beneath them.
  • Bombs: A very powerful power-up that explodes entire columns.
  • Super 7: The next 7 tetriminos are optimised for clearing lines. (May yield an All Clear)
  • Three Strikes: The next 3 tetriminos are I-pieces, and optimised for clearing lines. (May yield an All Clear)
  • Tunnel Vision: The left-most column and the right-most column are filled with minos.
  • Mega Crusher: Heavy minos fall to fill gaps (may yield an All Clear)
  • Amplifier: Score boost when cleared.
  • Bulldozer: Removes the top two horizontal lines with minos in, and replaces them with three full rows of minos, which then cascades. (May yield an All Clear)
  • Groundswell: Sets up the bottom of the matrix for an instant Tetris clear (requires you to have an I-piece held(May yield an all clear)).
  • Nuke: The most powerful powerup in the game. It shatters the entire matrix into minos, but does use up a few seconds from the timer to activate (depending on the size of the matrix).
  • Blitz'n: Similar to Avalanche, but has a Christmas theme, and drops either three or four minos at the top of each column.
  • Wildcard: Becomes a randomly selected power-up when activated.
  • Frostbite: A block of ice forms at the base of the matrix which then cracks and dissolves to give an instant Tetris clear. Yields All Clears.
  • Insta-Frenzy:Activates frenzy when you need it.
  • Rocket: Similar to Lasers, but a rocket shoots up and drops flares which clear the lines they land on. This power-up can yield an All Clear.
  • Bolt: Special I-Pieces bolt down into the matrix crushing minos to fill holes and clear more lines The bolt minos reward a score boost when cleared.
  • Twin Rams: 4 lines of minos enter the matrix clearing extra lines.
  • Dragon Trail: Similar to Amplifier, but you score more the higher you stack.
  • Mino Vortex: 7 minos enter the matrix through a vortex and clear lines.
  • Elfin: Clears up to 10 lines. Every second layer is filled with white minos which clear extra lines.
  • Spooky Trail: The Witch enters the matrix and fills Special Minos in the gaps, which rewards a score boost when cleared.
  • Blitz' Amor: Similar to Dragon Trail, but you score more points the higher you stack across every column, not just one.
  • Jubilee Flair: Confetti fills the matrix and gives large scores (depending on multiplier)


  • Inversion: Converts empty space to minos and vice versa.
  • Mino Rain: A huge shower of minos fall.
  • Instant Replay: Replays the most successful scoring moment that happened during the game.
  • Gifting Tree: Powerups appear (If any) on a Mino made Christmas Tree, and Cascades while an infinite frenzy activates, Powerups Activate along the way to increase the score.
  • Popcorn: A bank of minos start rising and expanding from the base of the matrix. This bank then clears to give you a score boost
  • Birthday Cake: Similary to Gifting Tree, It has a Birthday Cake-like "Drawing" made out Of minos (It seems to be vanilla) This one requires atleast 1 power-up that adds more blocks to activate frenzy.
  • Starfall: Causes the field to get showered with a special setup (Supposedly resembling a Star Shower, I.E as in a Meteor Shower ) That has Power-Ups (If you used Power-Ups), It can activate frenzy mode if it clears atleast 7 Lines.
  • Supernova: Absorbs all minos and spawns three reels. The first represents how many powerups will spawn, the second represents the multiplier added to your current multiplier, and the third represents the number of coins you will receive. Then it creates a huge mass of new minos that contains the number of powerups shown on the first reel, giving a massive score boost. It is the most powerful finisher available, starting on level 45.
  • Lucky Spin: Captures your score at 30 seconds (20 seconds in minimum, 60 seconds in maximum) during gameplay. After the game is complete, two wheels appear. The outer wheel represents the score multiplier (15x to 400x) and the inner wheel represents the coins you will earn, up to 20K. The captured score is multiplied by the score multiplier on the wheel and is added to your score. This can be earned from the Bonus Blitz. This is the first Caser finisher in the game.

The first represents how many power-ups will spawn, the second represents the multiplier added to your current multiplier, and the third represents the number of shards you will receive. (Earn to 56 powerups, Earn to x24 multiplier, earn to 4000 shards) if it clears at-least 20 Lines.