Tetris DS is a version of Tetris for the Nintendo DS. It was released in 2006 in most countries. The game is compatible with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. It has several different modes of play each featuring a different 8-Bit Nintendo theme.


Single Player

Standard Mode

Standard mode plays like regular Tetris, except the play field is on the bottom screen, and a video of a sidescrolling Mario level is displayed on the top screen. There are several different modes in Standard, they are Marathon Mode, Line Clear Mode, and VS. CPU. It can also be played in multiplayer.

Mission Mode

Main article: Mission Mode

Mission Mode has missions that the player needs to complete as fast as possible, like clearing a certain amount of lines with a certain Tetromino. It is The Legend of Zelda themed. It can also be played in multiplayer.

Push Mode

Main article: Push Mode

Push Mode is a mode that is played against the computer. Two people play on different sides of the same playing field with danger lines on both sides. When a person clears multiple lines at once, it pushes the playing field closer to the opponents danger line. The player has to try to get the opponent to have blocks going above the danger line. It can also be played in multiplayer. It is Donkey Kong themed.

Touch Mode

Main article: Touch Mode

Touch Mode is a mode played entirely with the stylus. It has two modes Tower and Touch Puzzle. It is Balloon Fight themed.

Catch Mode

Main article: Catch Mode

Catch Mode has the player moving the block pile to catch falling tetrominoes to form 4x4 masses which then proceed to explode. It is Metroid themed. It is similar to the game, Tetrisphere.

Puzzle Mode

Main article: Puzzle Mode

Puzzle Mode has the player selecting blocks in a certain order to clear all the blocks. It is Yoshi's Cookie themed.

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