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Not to be confused with Tetris DX released for the Game Boy Color.

Tetris Deluxe is a Tetris Guideline-compliant game for western mobile phones. Blue Lava Wireless, formed by Henk Rogers, since sold the mobile Tetris license to Jamdat, which EA later aquired. Tetris Deluxe features endless "Marathon," "Ultra," which plays for three minutes, and "40 Lines." Tetris Deluxe counts lines the same as Tetris Worlds:

  • Singles count as one
  • Doubles count as three
  • Triples count as five
  • Tetrises count as eight
  • Back to Back Tetrises count as twelve

The levels increase every ten lines. Speed tops out at level fifteen, but levels continue to increase indefinitely. The game never exceeds 1g. By level fifteen, the tetrominoes appear to fall one row per frame.