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Tetris Party is an official game for WiiWare based on Tetris published by Hudson Soft and Tetris Online.

Gameplay Details[]

  • ARE: Yes
  • Initial actions (IRS,IHS): No
  • T-Spin detection: 3-corner T no kick
  • Combo bonus: Yes
  • Bravo bonus: Yes, called "All Clear"
  • Soft drop speed: Native * 20
  • Gravity does not reach 20G in standard marathon mode, but does reach 20G in beginner's Tetris mode. (Actually it's 10G, however)
  • In multi-player modes, players do not receive same sequence of pieces.

Single Player Modes[]


Standard marathon mode that ends when you clear 150 lines, or in the settings you can turn on endless and play as many lines as you would like.

Field Climber[]

Help a small little man climb your tower of tetrimino's to the goal line if you squish him the level ends.

Computer Battle[]

A versus mode where you face off against the comptuer the AI has 15 levels of difficulty.


Fill in a design in the matrix using standard and non standard tetrimino's shapes include video game characters and fruit.

Beginners Tetris[]

Simple shapes many of which only include 3 blocks and a small playing field, the game ends after 150 lines.

Stage Racer[]

Guide a tetrimino through a course rotating it and try to reach the goal at the bottom as fast as you can.

Wii Balance Board Mode[]

Play tetris using only your feet on the wii balance board very similar to beginners tetris.

Local Multiplayer Modes[]

Vs Battle[]

Face off against up to 4 computer or human oponents.

Vs field climber[]

Help a small man climb up your terminos to reach the flag(s) and get to the goal.

Vs hot lines[]

Vs shadow[]

Vs stage racer[]

Compete with a friend to see who can bring their tetrimino to the goal.

Co-op Tetris[]

Play together on a 20x20 matrix with another player with a shared hold piece. The game ends after 150 lines.

Dual spaces[]

Nintendo Wifi Connection[]

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