Tetris Party is an official game for WiiWare based on Tetris published by Hudson Soft and Tetris Online.

Gameplay Details

  • ARE: Yes
  • Initial actions (IRS,IHS): No
  • T-Spin detection: 3-corner T no kick
  • Combo bonus: Yes
  • Bravo bonus: Yes, called "All Clear"
  • Soft drop speed: Native * 20
  • Gravity does not reach 20G in standard marathon mode, but does reach 20G in beginner's Tetris mode. (Actually it's 10G, however)
  • In multi-player modes, players do not receive same sequence of pieces.

Single Player Modes


Standard marathon mode that ends when you clear 150 lines, or in the settings you can turn on endless and play as many lines as you would like.

Field Climber

Help a small little man climb your tower of tetrimino's to the goal line if you squish him the level ends.

Computer Battle

A versus mode where you face off against the comptuer the AI has 15 levels of difficulty.


Fill in a design in the matrix using standard and non standard tetrimino's shapes include video game characters and fruit.

Beginners Tetris

Simple shapes many of which only include 3 blocks and a small playing field, the game ends after 150 lines.

Stage Racer

Guide a tetrimino through a course rotating it and try to reach the goal at the bottom as fast as you can.

Wii Balance Board Mode

Play tetris using only your feet on the wii balance board very similar to beginners tetris.

Local Multiplayer Modes

Vs Battle

Face off against up to 4 computer or human oponents.

Vs field climber

Help a small man climb up your terminos to reach the flag(s) and get to the goal.

Vs hot lines

Vs shadow

Vs stage racer

Compete with a friend to see who can bring their tetrimino to the goal.

Co-op Tetris

Play together on a 20x20 matrix with another player with a shared hold piece. The game ends after 150 lines.

Dual spaces

Nintendo Wifi Connection

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