Tetris Return

Similar to Tetris Best, Tetris Return also has a crazy kick table.

It has a rotation system with 36 kicks instead of Tetris Best's 24. (Tetris Return rotation system)

Link: hzzps://scrazch(dot)miz(dot)edu/projeczs/214742980/

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You can use SRS instead. Also, there are 51 songs.

The values for the gravity and kicks have words written over them. They are called view variables in the code for the game.


  • This is a new game that came out on April 8, 2018.
  • Almost all twists can be used in this game, including 3-kicks.
  • This game has a record 16 rotation buttons.
  • Like Tetris Best, it is recommended to play this game on Firefox, and on turbo mode. It may also require a fast computer.
  • Also like Tetris Best, some users may be unfamiliar with this game because up is hold, and not rotate.
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