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There is a lot of appelation standard on Tetris Games and TGM have interesting specification. To avoid confusion we list the basics in the a specific definition page .

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Rotation system 25%.png

The TGM series use several rotation system but the primary is the Arika Rotation System (ARS). TGM1 and TGM2 shares same ARS system. TGM3 have two distinct system named Classic (extended ARS) and World (SRS). TGM ACE propose three systems SRS, ARS1 and ARS2.

The ARS inherits its tetramino colors and rotation rules from Sega's 1988 arcade version of Tetris, and expands it by including compensations (wall-kicks), allowing pieces to rotate in tight spots. See TGM Rotation for further explanation.

Basic block control flow 25%.png

  1. Check the Initial Rotation
  2. A new block appears
  3. loop until a block locked.
    1. Check a block actions. (Actions effect following the below sequence in a frame.)
      1. Rotation
      2. Horizonal Move
      3. Vertical Drop
    2. Check to lock a block

Please see 'course on TGM' for details. http://www13.plala.or.jp/TETRiS_TGM/kouza/1.htm (Japanese, but includes animation GIFs.)

Parameters 25%.png

Aside from fall speed, the speed of gameplay in TGM is basically determined by the following 4 parameters. The names given here are unofficial, as no official names are known.

Name Description
Appearance Delay (出現時間 - shutsugen jikan, ARE) The frames between a last block locked to a new block appears. Is this called for 'ARE'? while this time, players can input actions for shift / IRS.
Delayed Auto Shift Delay (横溜め時間 - yokotame jikan) The frames to delayed auto shift. If I keep to press the left or right while the specification frames, horizonal movement is faster to 1 row per frame.
Lock Delay (接着時間/固定時間 - setchaku jikan or kotei jikan) The number of frames until a piece locks down and is no longer movable. If the altitude of the piece changes, the lock delay countdown will be reset.
Line Clear Delay (消去時間 - shoukyo jikan) The animation frames of line-clearing animations. during this time, the game accepts input for DAS / IRS / IHS.

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20G build 25%.png

20G is when it takes one frame for the block to hit the bottom of the play field.

,or see :

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Wall Kick Analysis 25%.png

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Synchro Analysis 25%.png

see middle of http://www13.plala.or.jp/TETRiS_TGM/kouza/7.htm

In a frame, actions effect in order 'Rotation -> Move -> Drop'.

If player rotate without DAS to left

  1. Rotate Block
  2. No Move
  3. Drop Block

If player rotate with DAS to left

  1. Rotate Block
  2. Move Left Block
  3. Drop Block

And more advanced technics descripted in http://www13.plala.or.jp/TETRiS_TGM/kouza/12.htm

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