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Yoshi's Cookie is a video game published by Nintendo and BPS

platforms: NES, Super NES, GameCube (NTSC J)

Game play

The screen consists of a grid of between 2x2 and 7x7 tiles that are replenished over time. The player can move the cursor freely about the grid. By holding the shift key and pressing move buttons, the player can shift a column of tiles up or down, or shift a row of tiles up or down. An entire row or column of identical tiles disappears and scores points. Clearing the screen causes it to be filled with a predetermined pattern of tiles; clearing the screen ten times results in a cut scene.

BPS involvement

BPS was developing a puzzle game for Super NES called Hermetica. Nintendo licensed the game, called it Yoshi's Cookie, and published it on NES and Game Boy, while BPS published it (also as Yoshi's Cookie) on the Super NES.

BPS has developed a game called Inaro with nearly identical gameplay.[1]

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